Yakima Valley Landlords Association (YVLA) was established to unite those engaged in the residential rental housing business in the Yakima Valley and beyond.

Objectives For Our Membership

  • To promote high standards and ethical business practices in the rental industry.
  • To provide our members with the tools and guidance needed to be successful.
  • To promote a unified medium for owners and those engaged in the rental business whereas their interests may be advanced and protected.
  • Through a Code of Ethics, advise and assist the members of this organization in running their business in a lawful, professional way.
  • To recruit and increase our membership creating an organization to effectively represent the interests of the residential rental industry.
  • To inform members of compliance requirements with local, state and federal housings laws. Our policy.
  • To help protect members against unfair legislation from municipal, state or the federal government maintaining a leadership role in the real estate industry to protect our interests on issues important to the organization and individual members.
Objectives for Families looking for Quality Rental Housing
  • A searchable on-line database showcasing available rental properties offered by the Yakima Valley Landlord Association membership.
  • The assurance that you are working with professional landlords who care about the well-being of both you the renter as well as their property.
  • YVLA is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.