Become a landlord member of the YVLA

Your account will be created when you become a member of the YVLA.  Dues must be paid in order to activate your account and gain access to online member services. Dues are based on the # of Units you manage.  (A duplex counts as two units, a triplex as three, etc.). In addition there is a $50.00 Initial Setup or Reinstatement Fee.

How to pay your dues:  Fill in the application, Membership Application   You can  fill out the application on line and print it out, and either E-mail, or mail it to our office or bring it in to receive your Landlord’s Resource Manual. ****Debit/Credit, Cash, or Check Accepted****

# of UnitsYearly Dues# of UnitsYearly Dues
1-3 Units$85.0050-59 Units$150.00
4-9 Units$95.0060-69 Units$160.00
10-19 Units$110.0070-79 Units$170.00
20-29 Units$120.0080-89 Units$180.00
30-39 Units$130.0090-99 Units$190.00
40-49 Units$140.00100 + Units$200.00

CURRENT MEMBERS: STOP! You are already set up with an account on this website. Use your seven-digit pin# from your yellow membership card to sign in. Follow the instructions from the member login page if you forgot your password.